Pictures Of The Gone World will see the visual partnership of Shropshire-born artist Luke George and Cheshire-born artist Anna Jane Houghton. Both graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2017 and continue to work from and exhibit regularly across Liverpool, with pieces featured internationally in Athens, Lithuania and Sicily.  


Luke George's large-scale painted works are the product of time-intensive, cumulative mark-making, which finds anchorages in colour and a balance between abstract and figurative imagery; between minimalism and excess. What begin largely as experiments with material, gather a narrative quality, as fragmented areas of abstraction and illustrative drawing are strung across the canvas; encouraging the viewer to explore and rewards the discovery of linkages in colour and image.


Anna Jane Houghton is a practice-led PhD researcher and artist working with sound and print media; drawing influence from renaissance forms and beatnik literature; her illustrative style combines flora and fauna and autumnal tones, amongst evocations of mid-century interiors, housing feminine figures and judicious animals. Her current practice is rooted in modernising the still-life, with intense focus on changing light and it’s interaction with objects of the mundane. 


The combined works represent an output sourced from both an inward, autobiographical concentration and a more outward perspective, in which they aim to eclectically reflect upon the modern environment. The works incorporate a variety of imagery throughout, which lean towards classical notions of landscape and portraiture painting, which are then reimagined and presented with a modern, reductionist twist.

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